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Simple things are always the most difficult…

Such as to take care of your own garden! To know yourself! To discover your own shadows. To adjust to the environment and embrace it! Contemplate it! All want profits, stuff or to kickstart something…It was a beautiful, sunny March day. I saw the garden finally spring to life after a log winter. Very few are happy with just contemplating a garden…  A simple thing…yet difficult.




I cannot sing…But my small hands tweet!

A spark of creativity. Make up your own mind. I am going back to my beer


Happy Friday to all!

Obamacare vs. Trumpcare. Choose your ride …

Says it all. Brilliant drawing by Klaus Stuttmann.



I will have to disappoint you, Mars escape might not happen!

My previous post was pointing to our unsustainable behavior on the planet. Still, there was some hope in my heart… Terra-forming Mars! Colonizing a couple of other planets… This hope is now crushed! Very soon that escape door will close. We won’t be able to leave. Because: As bellow, So it is above…

Trillion Pieces Of Space Junk Circling The Earth At 30,000 MPH Speed, Poses The Threat Of A Global War
Pieces of Space Junk Circling the Earth at 30,000 MPH

The shit hits the fan?

‪In the rush to build a better future world we did not realize how we poisoned the world we have!

I stumbled on a very beautiful website. The artist is Dan Piraro at bizarro.


I’ll keep it short – the picture above says it all.  It is about you, and me, and all those who are part of the so called civilized world. The artist captures well our convenience culture.But don’t worry – we’re going soon to Mars!
It is comic …
and tragic at the same time…

‪Humor and high spirits might keep you away from the insurance companies, big pharma, and bankruptcy: at least for a while. Do not forget though: Your good health is a temporary condition! ‬

‪Sooner or later you’ll be covered! Everyone will be covered… ‬If you are watching the policy issues, or may be you are a Ryan “admirer” – then you know – that is coming sooner! 

Do not use twitter while taking a bath! You won’t be able to shake hands.

Quite a sad story about the young man electrocuted in the bath. Very unfortunate.


But later another story, an awkward one – POTUS Will NOT Shake German Chancellor’s Hand. I thought “Very very suspicious…”

Then everything started to come to light, to make sense… My forensics skills come often handy! How would you shake someone else’s hand when your little extremity is in pain? What kind of a handshake would that be…especially when the other person is a lady? A powerful lady! The most powerful lady in the world! A lady with STRONG hands! We all know POTUS’s passion for spewing tweets. I bet – the accident happened while getting clean for the meeting – and tweeting. POTUS was weak in that moment; and you better don’t show you’re vulnerable… the world is watching…and laughing!


I’m Irish two days in a row…

Nothing I can do about it! I love beer! 

Be the master of your pleasures rather than their slave … 

I will be short today! I have my own Friday rituals as I call them “my petites luxures”. Lots of nice “Fs” – food, fizzy , flirty, fiery, flashy,  fun, fascinating! Be the master of your pleasures! Let’s “F” Friday! 🙂

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