Quite a sad story about the young man electrocuted in the bath. Very unfortunate.


But later another story, an awkward one – POTUS Will NOT Shake German Chancellor’s Hand. I thought “Very very suspicious…”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APAwwK8FJOc

Then everything started to come to light, to make sense… My forensics skills come often handy! How would you shake someone else’s hand when your little extremity is in pain? What kind of a handshake would that be…especially when the other person is a lady? A powerful lady! The most powerful lady in the world! A lady with STRONG hands! We all know POTUS’s passion for spewing tweets. I bet – the accident happened while getting clean for the meeting – and tweeting. POTUS was weak in that moment; and you better don’t show you’re vulnerable… the world is watching…and laughing!