This is a short writing exercise that I’ve tried 1.5, 2 years ago. Too many unfinished thoughts – but I still think my conclusions are in large unchanged… I could’ve worked some more on it but I do not feel like doing it…It does not produce any “dopamine”…I thought to put this on the blog anyway… a sketch… may be not even that – just an incoherent rant…

I came into this country with a couple of funny pronounced sounds, they did not resembled English at all; my pronunciation made people return me a sad smile, lifting their shoulders and leaving me with no answer most of the time.
Almost a whole year I did not open my mouth – I would just listen and read (and eat :-). The online dictionaries where my best friends; and It took me another two years and lots of time in front of the TV (I was watching the idiotic FOX News at that time) to improve my English skills. Finally, I was enjoying Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, Nabokov’s Lolita, Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, and the list continues…
I know that many of you will become upset reading the blog and some even enraged to the point of menacing with some unseen yet punishment or form of torture. Some will just say – “this is America; take it or leave it” – which for me is outright pitiful, another example of intellectual laziness and poverty.
To deal with potential suspicions or accusation that I am an illegal alien who tries to “subvert the system”, I would take care of this right here. I am an American citizen. I did not cross any borders illegally, I am not a refugee, nor I am a person who came here for hoarding stuff, or to put more butter on the bread at expense of someone else. I am not on welfare, I am paying my taxes and I do not mind my share of taxes to help those in need. No matter where the people are coming from it looks like the market manages to subdue and “melt” almost everyone into this large  hot “pot”.
I would make a culinary analogy: USA is like a well stuffed pizza: where the cheese hates the crust, tomatoes do not have any sympathy for peppers, and the olives would kill the mushrooms, etc. The chef who controls the oven is the 1% percent, the powerful financial elites who “cook” this country (and much of the world) at “special” temperature – so that the “pizza” tastes good only for them. Let us call the oven and the temperature – market fundamentalism, social Darwinism, advertising, etc. in short – as it was so many times pointed out it all leads to a sort of a “creative destruction” (of course the poor and the disadvantaged are to go 1st), the externalities are hitting them the most. Moreover, it is something felt everywhere in the world – environmental degradation, poisoning of the planet, questioning of the whole system… But there is no one to blame…, most of you where brought up like this; precisely because it is convenient for the elites – obedient, disinterested, divided, concerned mostly with consuming, running after the latest gadgets, socialites and shows … This in the end breeds what the elites need the most- an ignorant and easy to manipulate electorate. (We see the consequences today!)
 I already feel the next question: “So why did you come?”. My answer is simple – I stupidly believed in what, many politician, repeat every day – a repetition that amounts, especially in the election cycle to a pathological condition – “Exceptional, Indispensable, Greatest, The Best etc…” I find this far from being true!
Nevertheless, I am in the oven as you are, an “ingredient” that has no control over the temperature, as one of American great thinkers pointed out, part of a Farce and a Tragedy caused by ignorance. Ignorance rules because you know very little, you have no access to the information – it is secret, it is hidden, demands to much work and effort to gather it, you are “manipulated” or I would add (today) is “FAKE NEWS”.  The more I observe, read and question the actions of the “enlightened” statesmen, that often meet in hidden places protected by the latest military gear, I am asking myself where am I? I see no “shining light” on the hill… But I am part of that pizza, and I find lots of common ground with the mushrooms, the olives, I respect the pepper, and love some tomatoes!