An interesting old ad! Shared by some kind soul on twitter.

The scientific community debunked countless times the myths related to this practice. I am referring to the guy on the left. There is no connection with your vision. The impairment is only temporary! It is when you close the eyes to unleash, as the ad put it, “your wildest fantasies’. The myth of blindness is ad’s man trick to inject fear into you or your parents! To make you or them buy the thing. Do not be afraid!

The question that scientists have to tackle now are much more complicated. How different are you today from the “sega-less” guy? How are you unleashing those wild fantasies. How different is your play?

Of course that piece of tech is obsolete. We have touch screens now! Smart devices! Much much better! Huge progress! Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram, and Vibration on Notification, etc. I will skip Virtual Reality. It is still catching with the masses. We should return and review the latest research on the subject :). There might be some interesting VR legal issues raised and important precedents established.

My contribution to the scientific argument and pool of knowledge is humble. Even so, I am convinced that it will shed some light on the matter.
My statement is as follows. You are the same “sega-less” guy on the left even though you are the proud owner of the latest – smartest device. The motion and play with your device is the same. It is still up and down, some tapping, some vibratory action… No matter what device is in your hands (or your face), sooner or later you end up being temporarily visually impaired. The only difference (as I have stated in my previous blog-post research) is that CIA, FBI – all are able to see you now :). (I bet this remark will increase the traffic to my blog :). They might be very busy doing the same thing as the guy on the left, while you are paying them – a lot “for keeping you safe”! IT FULFILLED THEIR WILDEST FANTASIES – to do it and to watch you! Twice the pleasure… Snowden and Assange might see you too; not sure though they make such good dough.
You might be SMARTER but you’re definitely not HAPPIER! and I’m not sure about the “smarter”…
The real blindness comes from that smart bright screen, because you are not able to see what is going on around you!