Poverty isn’t a funny subject. If you are poor there are a lot of chances that your sense of humor is nonexistent. There is little to laugh about…
The irony is that the cure for poverty is always “decided” by those who have no idea how poverty feels like.
The question is quite simple: “How can you be in charge to cure poverty if you never experienced it?”. Who needs so many theories, graphs, studies, etc. if their authors have no idea what poverty is. (If some of them have,  they are kept in check…not to hinder elite’s agenda).
Here is a nice simple graph to “contemplate”.congress
The graph says it all. They want to cure something they have no idea how to describe.

Manfred Max-Neef put it best: ” Let us assume that you have studied everything that you can study, from a theological, sociological, anthropological, biological and even biochemical point of view, of a human phenomenon called love. So the result is that you will know everything that you can know about love. But sooner or later, you will realize that you will never understand love unless you fall in love….
And that happens with poverty. I understood poverty because I was there. I lived with them. I ate with them. I slept with them, you know, etc. And then you begin to learn that in that environment there are different values, different principles from — compared to those from where you are coming, and that you can learn an enormous amount of fantastic things among poverty. What I have learned from the poor is much more than I learned in the universities. But very few people have that experience, you see? They look at it from the outside, instead of living it from the inside.” [Chilean Economist Manfred Max-Neef: US Is Becoming an “Underdeveloping Nation“].
I am not expecting the fat cats in Congress to cure anything (from the same article: “Thirteen trillion dollars for the speculators; not one cent for the people who lost their homes! I mean, what kind of logic is that?”).
How do you become a swimmer? By getting into the water! So I would throw them into the poorest slams and shanty towns for a couple of months: for good practice, for an enlightening experience, for a PhD in real life! Only after you can sit in Congress. And never! never! with such big salaries and so many benefits. You should receive no more that 10 percent of the medium household net worth [look at the graph]. Those who don’t want to serve the nation – it is simple – go get another job!!! 
In short – the wisdom comes with experience. They do not have the experience… They do not have the wisdom to cure anything…