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Goinn’ with post 2

A post no. 2 never happened before. The blog was usually killed after post 1. A milestone! A ginger tea, A. Goodman’s “Democracy Now!” in the background, vaping and writing.

I took a walk around the White House yesterday. Everything was surrounded by fences. Seams like POTUS  really likes walls… Lots of police everywhere. Probably very afraid to…Unusually unpleasant to walk. At least it was a nice day, very warm for February.

A man was protesting at the corner of the treasury building. I suspect he was the artist.


I feel  guilty for not asking him his name and for the permission to post the picture. “Dump the Trump”. Agree! Is POTUS trying to emulate Putin? Trump’s behavior is very “putinesque”.


Here we go …

Here we go again with a first post… I cannot remember how many times I have started a blog (50 times at least), and never reached a second post. It is hard to tell me why. Nevertheless, here I am again. English is not my native language – learned it myself. For those who have accidentally stumbled on this page – “por favor” don’t be cruel with me…In short – Just a wanderer! If you want to give me a hug find me @: 1984 Brave New World Street, City of Soma, Utopia County, United Dystopiastan.

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