Browsing through the app store – poor Windows, left behind… I want my Mac back – son said – NEVER!

I was reading a sailing magazine today. I came across a piece of art – Herreshoff 12.5 – Doughdish… What a beautiful little boat. Never sailed one but I would like to do so very much, at least as a crew mate. Dreams…I’ve been bitten by the sailing bug to. Nothing is so pleasant for me as spending time on the water. I remember my first boat – an inflated chamber from a huge soviet tractor wheel with a couple of wooden planks on top. No sails – but I was a skipper! The lake was my ocean and was for everyone – clear, surrounded by forests. The lake was privatized: now dirty, smelly with most of the surroundings cut and lots of crap built around it. Quite a sad story – but is the one of the entire planet… Then we where less than 4 billion … Now I am afraid the same fate menaces our oceans & everything else. SAD!